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Delete Windows Update Residuals using Disk Cleanup via Powershell

If you’re a fan of the best MacBooks and Macs and have installed Windows onto one of those, you may also find your updates become stuck from time to time. If you’ve already ruled out any internet issues and restarted your PC a few times, it’s time to dig deeper. Below are some troubleshooting tips that should help you resolve Windows 11 updates not downloading or installing issues with ease.

  • A good portion of these devices have data caps and are slower connections, so you really don’t want Windows 10 eating through that.
  • Setting a connection as metered puts you back in control, and it’s essential on some types of connections.

However, this can be problematic for users who have limited internet plans because these updates often take up large amounts of data. One problem with this setting is that it will actually disable Windows updates (there’s an option to override this as well) AND more importantly, it will prevent the installation of the ConfigMgr client. Also, if you haven’t changed your Client Settings policy from the default ‘Block’, devices with the client installed won’t communicate with your MP – as shown in the error log above. After “Advanced options” is clicked, you will now be able to open the section where all of the advanced tweaks for the Windows Update feature is found. From here, you can choose to “Defer upgrades” but if you are using the basic Windows 10 edition, this option will not be available.

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You can use the Reset feature in Stores settings to clear cache files and reset data on your device. But have you ever wondered as to where these usernames and password get stored within your Windows? I mean there must be certain location within your directory where you can find out the stored Windows credentials. If you are keen enough to know that then this article below is exactly the piece of cake you would wish for.

I could be REALLY wrong, but it’s the best I’ve got. If you know more, send me a note and I’ll delete it, I mean, I’ll update the post. Using the Internet from someone who has a limited internet plan. Keep in mind that, if you don’t see the option to meter your Ethernet connection, that’s probably because you don’t have the Creators Update yet. It’s something that Microsoft just brought in with the Creators Update, so you’ll need to download that before being able to meter your Ethernet connection. It’s the same principle as Wi-Fi — this only affects thisspecificEthernet connection.

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You can, however, limit OneDrive’s allowed transfer speed within the app. Windows determines metered connection based on the device it is connected to. If device is of a modem class (be it USB dongle or Bluetooth connected cellphone or COM port or etc.) then Windows sets this connection as metered. You can change connection properties to set or unset metered, but doing this manually for 60 PCs is time consuming. If all the clients are part of the domain, there probably might be some policy to setup network connection properties, but I have no details about it.

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